Reaching the community, one mask at a time

COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works of our everyday lives since it arrived on Singapore’s shores at the start of 2020, forcing businesses and consumers alike to quickly adapt to a new reality. Even though Singapore worked on diversifying its supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) from sources all over the world, the intensity of the pandemic inevitably led to a global shortage of essential equipment such as medical masks. In the face of new challenges like these, local companies like DIP Investments stepped up to fill the supply gap.

As Mohar Medical’s production capabilities continued to increase, we noticed that the effects of the pandemic were particularly harsh on vulnerable groups of people. It was heartening to see many businesses step up to provide for the community in their own way, from food delivery services to fashion brands and electronics companies.

We too wanted to help others during these difficult times. As a homegrown brand, we sought to connect with communities close to our hearts. Our first outreach, to the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, was the result of a collaboration with the Young Sikh Association (YSA) - an organisation we were well-acquainted with and had a long history of partnering with.

In March this year, a spate of COVID-19 infections were detected among the residents of the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. This was particularly concerning as senior citizens are the demographic understood to be most vulnerable to the virus. As the number of cases at the Home continued to climb during that period, the demand for medical equipment and PPE also, understandably, spiked, as this much-needed equipment is the first line of defence for both staff and residents alike.

The YSA, alert to this critical need, appealed to Mohar Medical to contribute a stock of medical masks for the Home’s immediate use. As a result, 2,500 Mohar Medical surgical masks were included in care packages prepared by the YSA. These packages, put together especially for staff and residents, also included other essential items to aid in the fight against the pandemic.

With this delivery to the YSA, Mohar Medical masks were also distributed to other beneficiaries including places of worship and other non-profit organisations. “We deeply appreciate Mohar Medical’s initiative and generosity, which in turn helps the YSA serve others in the community. These efforts also encourage youths that seek to be involved and hope to make positive contributions in the community,” said Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, President of the YSA.

As a manufacturer of medical-grade equipment and PPE - key resources amidst one of the biggest global health crises in modern times - Mohar Medical is committed to providing high-quality solutions to protect those most vulnerable in our communities. As production expands in the coming months, we will be better equipped to help support local supply and local communities wherever we can. We eventually hope to establish a regular outreach programme, to provide medical masks to organisations and charities in need on a long-term basis.

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